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Pure Water Pools is a pool and landscape construction company based in Costa Mesa, California. We are all about creating custom pools and spas, hard and land escapes, fireplaces and pits, outdoor grills and kitchens, water features, any custom unique outdoor spaces.


We work directly with homeowners at all stages of the design process. We are often contacted by homeowners who have just made the decision to get a pool. The collaborative process begins as we consult with them to gain a sense of their personal style and to learn about the features they are looking for in their pool. Other times, clients come to us complete with a vision of their perfect pool and we collaborate with them to bring their vision to life. No matter what phase of the pool designing process you’re in, you can trust in Pure Water Pools to work with you to build the swimming pool of your dreams.


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At Pure Water Pools we are always ready to listen, give us a call and one of our team designers will be in touch to answer any questions you may have on pools, spas, water features, outdoor kitchens, and any other outdoor living space related projects within 24 hours.


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We are committed to building a better product, using only top-quality materials and proven techniques. We have chosen to focus exclusively on outdoor living spaces, and our clients consistently reap the rewards of that focus. We refuse to compromise on quality.


After completing hundreds of projects, we realized that many clients' needs are best served by examining the backyard as a whole - how it's used and who uses it most - and creating a design plan that really makes the yard work in a whole new way. We don't limit ourselves to just swimming pools or hardscapes, we’ll often combine them with landscaping and other features to create a distinctive flow to the backyard that's conducive to entertaining, relaxing, playing or whatever you desire.


Upon consulting on a preliminary design, the next thing we usually hear from clients is "We never even thought about doing it that way." That's music to our ears because that's hopefully one of the reasons they chose to work with us!


From pools, spas, and patios to complex backyard makeovers with fire pits, lighting and landscaping, you can be assured you'll always get the same attention to detail and our sincere commitment.

We cater to clients demanding superior service, design, installation and quality for their projects. We handle all aspects of the backyard design and building process from consultation, permitting, construction and clean-up. Our clients appreciate the fact that we are extremely detail oriented and do not take shortcuts.


Pure Water Pools creates unique landscape solutions by integrating classic design principles of repetition of shapes, harmonization of colors, and use of contrasting textures and forms with artistic expression. The results promise to be inviting to explore and stimulating to your senses as you take in a wide range of what nature can offer you. We focus on native and non-native plants that provide seasonal interest for your enjoyment.


A cohesive team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality landscape design, construction and services possible. To achieve superior results by routinely surpassing industry norms and consistently delivering value to our customers through creative thinking, positive attitudes, strict performance standards and meticulous attention to detail. So if it's a top-quality product at the right price that you're looking for, then give us a call to schedule a personal design consultation. You'll be glad you did.


Over the years, there has been a major shift in the way homeowners think of their swimming pools. In the past, a pool was more of an afterthought, a separate feature from the home. Today’s homeowners are spending just as much time planning and designing their home’s outdoor spaces as they are the interior spaces. As a result, today’s pools are often influenced by the style of the home, as homeowners seek a unified design theme.


Gone are the days when most of Long Beach and Orange County resident homeowners selected the same cookie-cutter, template pool. Today, people are getting creative by adding custom features such as sun shelves, water features, rock work, and beautiful outdoor furniture.


At Pure Water Pools, we create customized, one-of-a-kind pools for every client. No two pools are ever the same. We understand that every family is unique and that their pool should reflect both their individual needs and personal style. By collaborating with our clients, we are able to understand their unique needs and desires so that we can work together to create the pool of their dreams.


Pure Water Pools work to fuse the functional elements of a backyard space, such as a patio or outdoor kitchen with the right balance of foliage to create an ideal outdoor living space.

We strive to forge alliances with local landscape architects and other creative people in order to bring our customers projects that are a distinctive cut above anyone's definition of the ordinary.


Annette Drew - CEO, Master Designer

Annette’s creative inspiration comes from many different sources. Transforming interior spaces and exterior escapes has been a lifelong passion. From the initial idea and planning stages down to the finishing touches, Annette’s eye for detail ensures that every project she creates is a carefully crafted masterpiece.


Annette’s signature style is one of understated sophistication, infused with pops of personality to serve as elements of visual interest. She enjoys mingling the old with the new, vintage with contemporary, to thoughtfully create spaces that reveal the owner’s taste, yet feel timelessly chic.


Annette is devoted to designing dwellings that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. She works hand-in-hand with each client to ensure that every expectation is not only met but exceeded. Annette also strives to achieve interior and exterior designs that are a true representation of each client’s lifestyle.


Scott Bertani - VP, Chief Production Manager

Scott brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each and every project. A proponent of natural and sustainable principles, he works closely with his clients to create elegant outdoor living spaces.


He is a hands-on, hardworking, dedicated, get-the-job-done-right type of production manager, and he oversees all phases of the project. He insures delivery of exactly what you had in mind.


Our pools have been featured in Luxury Pools, Water Shapes, and Pool & Spa News Magazines as well as on HGTV and CBS News.


(949) 646-3466