A swimming pool restoration is the opportunity to give your swimming pool a new look by incorporating the design elements and features that express your taste, reflect your lifestyle, and complement the look of your home. From spas and water features to custom coping and masonry, no pool construction company has more experience with in ground pool rejuvenation projects than Pure Water Pools.


Add a hot tub to your pool deck or integrate it in to your new pool remodel for an extra touch of luxury. We offer an immense variety of energy-efficient spas that can be built in to the pool deck or attached to your pool directly.


The choice to relax is yours! Enhancements like waterfalls, water jets, wet edges, and spillovers  can be added to any existing pool. And the options for a new look extend far beyond the pool edge. Resurfacing your pool deck can reverse the normal wear and discoloration, and the settling and cracks in joints that occur over time. Or you can decide to update your deck design, selecting from top-of-the-line natural materials including granite, limestone, and bluestone or special finishes. Our expert masons can even add an outdoor kitchen, install a custom fire pit, or create a new entertaining space. Lighting can turn a pool into a mesmerizing work of art at night. For instance, LED lighting not only creates a great quality light for outdoor applications, their operating costs are only a fraction of incandescent lighting, and they are the safest lighting option available. A pool restoration can give an older swimming pool a more modern look, adapt its structure to your changing needs, and increase its safety, while enhancing the appearance and value of your home. Our gallery showcases examples. We can change the depth, create interior structures like sun shelves, add a pool spa, renovate a pool deck, and more. And the changes you can’t see are just as important: For example, a new swimming pool heater or filtration system can improve your pool’s efficiency and help save money on energy costs.  Talk to a Pure Water Pools consultant about how we can turn your older pool into a beautiful backyard oasis.


In ground pool and spas are among the most popular features in custom swimming pools today, adding a new dimension to the enjoyment and use of your pool area. Pool spas make the perfect spot for a family gathering at the end of a day, or a quick mini-vacation from your everyday routine anytime, day or night. Have a tight muscle or ache from exercise or play? It’s your sports medicine recovery center. And the massaging currents make it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing beverage under a starry sky. Pure Water Pools has led the industry in incorporating the spa into custom pool design, and no company has more in ground spa experience. Our pool consultants will also explain the many customization options for your spa, such as waterfall spillovers, elevated platforms, and single-system pool integration with an automatic cover.

We can show you the latest in energy-saving pool spa heaters, multi-speed spa pumps and even pool spa covers. These new generation energy efficient products reduce energy usage, provide quick heating, promote heat retention, and operate quietly. Installed by our interior plumbing and electrical specialists, our spa installations are handled with professional care, just like our in ground pool installations. If you’re considering a custom swimming pool design, you should consider a spa from the leader in luxury swimming pools: Pure Water Pools.


What does the pool of your dreams look like? Does the swimming pool design take maximum advantage of your property, its landscape and its views?  The options for building a custom swimming pool are virtually limitless, and Pure Water Pools designers, landscape architects, and construction specialists collaborate with our clients to consider many conceptual and technical factors and assist them in transforming their dreams into a reality. Custom swimming pool designs can incorporate special features like waterfalls, vanishing edges, wet edges, sun shelves, beach entries, in ground spas and more. New, cutting edge technology and electronics for swimming pools deliver high-end sound and lighting systems that personalize the way one entertains outdoors.  With more than 25 years of experience in building award winning custom pools, Pure Water Pools can provide the necessary range of services, equipment, and experienced teams of construction workers and craftsman to complete your custom, luxury swimming pool project. After you are completely satisfied with the design phase, your Pure Water Pools contractor will begin coordinating all the required professionals, material orders and permits required to begin the next step in the construction of your new pool. We understand that new pool construction is a large undertaking, so we will keep you up-to-date with all the proceedings. The construction phase is where you truly begin to see the benefits of choosing Pure Water Pools. Working seamlessly with one contact point allows for simple and efficient project management. During the pool construction phase, you can rest assured that everyone working on your new pool is held to the highest industry standards. This includes all laborers, engineers, designers and any members of the construction team. Our professional design team will oversee the whole process from design concepts and pool construction, all the way to the finish start-up to ensure that your pool is built to the highest industry standards.


We strictly oversee the smallest of details on every pool that we design so that our clients can have an enjoyable construction experience from start to finish. Below is a basic outline of the pool construction process: Create a time-line for the entire pool project with anticipated start and completion dates. Obtain permits from the proper municipal departments. Perform excavation and rough grading for pool, patio and planting areas. Install framing, plumbing fixtures. Install deputy inspector certified shotcrete shell at 4,500 minimum PSI. Install pool masonry, tile, coping (etc.), if necessary. Install all necessary filtration equipment and pumps. Install pool patio, plantings, fencing, irrigation, lighting, etc. Plaster pool and fill with water. Establish chemical balances while running final inspection. All it takes to get started is a phone call or email to Pure Water Pools! Get started today by contacting us, or by filling out our consultation form.


A swimming pool that’s green: making your pool eco-friendly. Whether planning a custom swimming pool, renovating an older pool, or simply seeking quality service for your current one,  Pure Water Pools has eco-friendly solutions for operating and maintaining pools at lower energy, cleaning and maintenance costs, and minimize the pool’s environmental impact. We are proud to have adopted green philosophies and practices in pool design, operation, and service.


Salt sterilization system: No more harsh chlorine treatments that can harm hair, bathing suits and the environment. These systems convert salt to chlorine – naturally. Swimming pool water feels as gentle as bathwater. High-efficiency equipment: Modern technically advanced pumps, filters and state-of-the-art components can save energy, conserve water, reduce noise, and minimize maintenance. Variable speed pumps can typically cut swimming pool energy use by as much as 90% and save well over $1,000 in annual utility costs. Automated pool controls offset rising utility costs with efficient, automated, and synchronized scheduling of pool equipment operations. Optimized energy use facilitates and proper equipment performance reduces energy waste and the cost of pool maintenance. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions are primary contributors to smog and acid rain, by making a low NOx pool heater an important part of a greener pool helps make for a greener environment. Ask your Pure Water Pools design consultant about the many options for building a greener in ground pool.

Lighting: LED lights are the lowest energy consumption of all lighting options - less than one-quarter the energy uses of traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights. Great for swimming pool deck areas. LED lights last over 30,000 hours – more than five times traditional incandescent light bulbs – and are the safest lighting option on the market. Low voltage consumption provides an additional layer of safety.


Covers: Protect your pool on a daily basis by having automated or manual pool covers from Pure Water Pools. Keeping pools cleaner, safer, and reduce chemical and filter maintenance costs with a hassle-free, remote controlled pool cover. This also reduces heat loss, keeping pool water comfortably warm, so you can minimize your pool heater usage and even extend your swimming season. We carry a large range of tough and durable brands that come in a variety of amazing colors and designs.


Below is a general outline of what you can expect from the initial pool design phase of your new pool construction. We begin by syncing you with a Pure Water Pools professional who will explore your ideas while offering material suggestions and layout options that will help give your new pool shape and form. The pool design process is the most important step because it lays the foundation for your new pool, and we will diligently augment the potential of your property to make sure that we achieve what you are looking for before we even break ground. To begin the pool design process with Pure Water Pools, a professional designer will visit your property to discuss the vision you have for your pool. This person will be your single contact point throughout the process and will handle all contractors, construction teams and coordinate the entire effort on your behalf while relaying your needs and desires for the pool you envision. Once the layout, pool design and materials for your new pool have been decided upon, your contractor will also present you with accessory options and special features that you can add in to the pool itself and the surrounding areas. These can include items such as: sun shades, pool decks and spas which will add a touch of grace and utility to your new pool. After all of the plans are finalized, your Pure Water Pools contractor will work with our in-house estimator to lay out a reasonable estimate for a construction schedule. We will tailor this schedule to suit your family’s needs to the best of our abilities.


The length of time for new pool construction is different for each phase of construction and you can easily discuss the timing with your Pure Water Pools design consultant. A 3D rendering is offered helping you give shape to the exact pool you desire. Once all ideas have been discussed, your personal designer will show you various drafts of the concept using a 3D modeling program so you can better visualize how the pool will look upon completion. When beginning construction with Pure Water Pools you won’t have to worry about acquiring permits and inspections because we’ll do all the work for you. Once all of the legal matters have been attended to, we will begin construction by bringing in our experienced pool construction teams to get started. Your Pure Water Pools design specialist will also give you an estimated end date and work with you through the entire process to make sure everything is to your precise specifications.

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