Ponds Add Life to Outdoor Spaces

One of the many benefits of having a backyard pond is that it can attract wildlife such as birds and dragonflies to your yard. Ponds, can be filled with many different types of beautiful plants including floating plants such as water lilies. Koi fish are also popular additions to a pond.

Plants provide food and nesting habitat for animals and also help to oxygenate the water. Be sure that the top of the pond isn’t over 60% covered in plants, to allow oxygen and sunlight into the pond. Koi fish can be a great addition to a pond, as it can be very relaxing to watch them swim.

Whether a pond is filled with fish or beautiful floating plants it is sure to add life to your outdoor space. Check out the gallery to see some of the lovely ponds that we have created for our clients, here at Pure Water Pools.

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